Barbara M. Scott

My journey began earlier this year (2015) with abnormal pap results and occasional post-menopausal spotting. A later biopsy confirmed the presence of uterine cancer cells. My surgery went from a “simple” hysterectomy to a more complex procedure. Dr. Mcbroom, an excellent gynecologist/oncologist, discovered that the cancer had spread into my intestines and attached itself to my navel. Long story short, he removed about 90% of the cancer, including my navel and part of my intestines. I’ve dealt with some anxiety about the future, but the nurses assure me that is a normal part of the healing process. I’m so thankful to be on this side of this difficult journey (surgery, recovery), and I look forward to regaining my strength and ability to continue the “good fight” and finish my race with the Lord’s approving nod.

I am thankful that each chemo session seems to be working well. I had a major drop in my cancer numbers (CA125), from 703 in July, to 68 in August, to 17 in September! The doctors and nurses are pleased with my progress and renewed strength and I let them know it’s because of the prayers of the faithful lifting not only my situation up, but also the abilities of the medical team.