Welcome to the Battle Front. We are the CWSO and we would love for you to get to know us better!

Giving encouragement, sharing love, spreading HIS word, fighting the battle. “Yesterday is gone, Tomorrow has not yet come, and we have only today. So let us begin!” ~Mother Theresa~

Our Mission Statement:

Encourage, Love, and Pray. Give Strength and Hope to Our Cancer Warriors, in These and in All Things We Do. Help them Fight Their Battle in Christ!

Our History:

The Cancer Warriors Support Organization (CWSO), though unnamed at the time, began in 2005 after Toni Grogan, it’s founder, went through a battle with Fallopian Tube Cancer. In May of that year, Toni felt that the Lord was calling her to this ministry of loving and encouraging others going through their own cancer battle, with cards, emails and phone calls. The Lord sent her the names of those in need by word of mouth and He has grown the organization even more since December of 2008,  when the ministry was officially named. In July of 2010, CWSO became a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Since it’s inception, CWSO has grown to over 450 Warriors in 34 states and in over 6 countries!!!

About Us:

The CWSO is a nondenominational, Christian, non-profit organization that provides encouragement, love, and prayer to those who are going through the battle against cancer. We provide every Warrior with a Battle Gear Bag, which contains helpful items used while going through treatment. We desire to bring hope and encouragement through the Battle Gear, as well as our cards. There is never a fee for our Warriors or their families! We do this because the Lord has commissioned us to love and encourage others!  We also provide encouragement through emails, local visitation groups, local support groups for patients and their care givers, and of course, unlimited prayers.

Our Hope:

We hope to one day provide every Cancer Warrior, that God sends our way, with Cancer Battle Gear, love, encouragement and support.. We can’t do it alone, unfortunately. We need support from the front lines (the families) and from the Special Ops (our CWSO Team Members). We need donations of time and love, just as much as we need funding for the distribution of our Battle Gear (one filled bag costs approximately $90USD for us to send to a Warrior completely free for them). God has blessed the CWSO in so many ways and it is our desire to share these blessings with our Cancer Warriors and their families.

Monetary donations may be made In Honor of or In Memory of a loved one, by sending your check to CWSO, PO Box 509, Orchard Hill, GA, 30266; By visiting our online store and clicking our “Donate” button powered by PayPal; Or keeping an eye out for one our awesome fundraiser! No matter how you decide to give, we thank you for your support!

Help us give Hope to the Hopeless, Faith to the Faithless, and God to the Godless. “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

(Generic Battle Gear Bag pictured above. Items appearing in your or your loved one’s specific bag may very)